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Discussion concerning what processes, products, services, or personnel would benefit the organization’s mission, vision, bottom-line, or brand.


Our company has knowledge and inroads  to many other resources, companies, and agents that may be able to fill in services gaps as a contractor, provider, or agreeing agent, so that mutual benefit can occur from the transaction(s).




Collaboration is a step beyond a mere contractual, provider, or other agreement. Collaborative connections are the next wave in business. As competition increases where smaller entities are struggling to compete with big business, collaborations occur that allow the sharing of resources, an increase in profits, and positive growth for the collaborative agencies or agents. These are not MERGERS but true collaborations between separate entities that develop a shared mission and vision as a result of the collaboration that is in addition to each agents’ original business model, mission, vision, and brand.

"Collaboration Facilitation" Includes: Meeting facilitation, contract documents, development of the shared collaborative mission/vision/model, establishment of the collaborative timeline and recommendations for additional collaborative components.



Many entrepreneurs and small businesses struggle in the area of starting up, starting new programming, or introducing a new product line. No matter what, this process is challenging. Allow us to teach you how to tailor a formula for program/product implementation that you can use every time to streamline and standardize your process.

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