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Evaluation involves the implementation of a statistical or analytical study of particular processes, outcomes, or programming; presentation of the findings to key personnel;   and consultation on strategic initiatives to resolve issues and/or enhance productive measures already in place.


Strategic planning should be done as a new entrepreneur all the way up to the billion dollar corporation. Strategic planning helps you engage the organization’s membership in maintaining integrity to the mission, reaching and expanding the vision, living the values, and evolving to the company’s next level. Allow us to tailor fit this winning practice for your business.


The greatest strengths and weaknesses of an organization lie in its strongest and weakest member. Evaluation is critical from pre-membership all the way through longevity. This service speaks to the hiring process, partnering, collaboration, right-sizing, risk reduction, quality, promotions, termination, and a host of other human resource tenets. Let us help you develop your membership process so that your team increases in strength and productivity.



One of the most valuable tools in a small business’ arsenal is having allies who buy into the mission and receive education and training as their reward for work. This is the most lucrative implementation process a small business can use and many ignore the power of interns and volunteers. Other agencies have no processes, policies, or procedures, and neglect to secure the full value from a volunteer workforce. Let us to show you how to implement this programming that provides staff support and homegrown cheerleaders who work without pay.

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