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So many entrepreneurs and new businesses operate without  a budget or do not adhere to the budget established. We will teach you how to develop a budget, the importance of a budget, how to monitor your spending and cash flow, and how this tool should be used for development of your leadership, organization, and profit margin.

GRANT WRITING [Government, Foundation, Private and Unsolicited]:

Let’s face it, the best way to secure ongoing funding is through contracting, and many businesses benefit from the reliability of doing business with the government or securing funding from foundations and other philanthropic agencies. The only way to do that is through grant writing and knowing the fundamentals behind authoring these documents.



Many of us don't have a competitive market/cost analysis of our products or services. This causes us to have prices that are too low to sustain the business or so high we price ourselves out of the market. Allow us to assist you in keeping your pricing competitive yet profitable.


Also known as “downsizing”. We want to assist in challenging the mindset of workers and leadership such that finding the right personnel for the right position is a positive change in your organization.


*We provide consultation, evaluation, referral, collaborative connections and support for the following:

  • Accreditation
  • Branding
  • Business Launch and Promotion Services
  • Cross Fertilization
  • Fund Development
  • Online Presence
  • Resource Sharing
  • Social Media Management
  • Technology enhancements for cost reduction and improved efficiency
  • Virtual Assistance

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